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06 Oct
Mergers and Acquisitions during COVID-19: 5 Key Considerations Before Buying or Selling a Business Today


This webinar is the first in a series for businesses such as yours. Congratulations on being invited to join our BEST webinar series.  Best stands for Business Enhancements, Strategies and Tools. 

By attending, you will learn more about the 5 Key Considerations Before Buying or Selling a Business Today. 
  1. Timing: Is now the right time to sell/buy?
  2. Taxes: What impact do taxes and potential tax rate increases have on the decision to sell/buy now or in the future?
  3. Why Sell or Buy: What are the real reasons/motivations for buying or selling a business?
  4. Preparation: How to best prepare to sell or buy a business?
  5. Mistakes: What are the biggest mistakes business buyers/sellers make and how to avoid them.
The webinar is presented by Jim Zipursky, Charirman/CEO of
Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide (CFAW), an international investment banking firm.

Jim has 30 years of experience in the mergers & acquisitions field.  He will be sharing with you the highlights of what you need to know prior to making any big moves during these unprecedented times.  

You will be able to join this Zoom webinar confidentially- participants are not identifiable to each other during the presentation. We understand the importance of privacy during this modern era when considering strategic business changes.

Date and Time

Tue, Oct 06, 2020

10:00a - 11:00a CST


Virtual Webinar via Zoom


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