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Matt Stange

Matt Stange

Financial Advisor

Matt joined CFG as an equity partner in October 2023 with 10 years of previous industry experience as a financial advisor at Mutual of Omaha and, more recently, as an independent financial advisor. As a new addition to CFG, Matt is committed to building upon Mike’s legacy while also bringing a fresh perspective and additional pair of hands to greater serve our clients. Matt’s background and skillset lie in two areas in which he calls “Retirement Income Planning” and “Next Gen Financial Planning”.

Retirement income planning is more than investment management. Our approach is simple. The old 60/40 asset allocation with a 4% withdrawal rate isn’t the preferred approach with today’s investing. We believe every dollar should have a purpose. Therefore, we segment assets into now money, later money, and never money. The goal is to invest in a way where today’s dollars are protected and tomorrow’s dollars can grow. This ensures that, regardless of what market condition you retire in, there will always be a safe place to get your money. However, retirement income planning doesn’t stop there. We believe that retirement income planning extends past just the investment strategy and takes into consideration income plan, long-term-care planning, tax considerations, giving, efficient transfer of wealth, “get your house in order” planning, and more. There are many pieces to the financial puzzle that need to be addressed. Our goal is, over time, to put together a completed puzzle for our clients to see the big picture more clearly.

Next Gen Financial Planning is the second and equally important approach. We are about to enter the largest transfer of wealth in this great nation’s history. Many people who will be inheriting this wealth aren’t prepared for it nor do they know where or who to turn to when they receive it. Next Gen Financial Planning is about looking at the short, medium, and long term, discussing needs and wants, and building a plan that is tailored to what is important to that specific client. Whether you are inheriting a legacy and want to continue and build upon it or getting started in your financial journey and want to build a legacy of your own, Next Gen Financial Planning can help you get there.

Matt has a passion for financial planning because he has seen the work that good and bad financial planning can have on people’s lives. Over the past 5 years, all his grandparents passed away. Each of them had their own specific journey. One grandma suffered from dementia while another battled with cancer for well over a decade. One grandfather passed away unexpectedly while the other had a slow deterioration of health. One side of the family successfully passed on a farm and substantial inheritance to their grown children, while the other side essentially had their last paycheck bounce. Matt has seen the results of a lack of planning and doesn’t want that for people. He’s determined to fill that gaps that he believes are often missing in the offering of other financial advisors.

Matt spent the first 14 years of his life in South Dakota where his paternal family resided and where most still live. He then moved to Iowa City, IA where he learned to bleed black and gold. After graduating high school, he played baseball at NIACC in Mason City then moved back to Iowa City to complete his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Iowa. Matt is a Hawkeye, Minnesota Twins, and Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys any opportunity to participate in a little friendly banter. He resides in Urbandale with his 11 year old German Shephard, Callie.