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Our Approach

A Deliberate Process with Your Involvement

Our comprehensive research, analysis and planning process is completed with your feedback and involvement.  While you are entrusting us to help you, we are also partnering with you to understand your specific situation, challenges and goals.  We have a deliberate process in place to gather all information needed.  Our approach views our services in two planning areas – the personal and the business.  Not everyone owns a business, but in either case we always start with a Discovery process to learn more about you and what you want to achieve.

The Discovery Process 

The personal side focuses on your values, goals, relationships, financial situation, current advisors, interests and how you prefer doing business (your process).  We ask a specific set of questions to provide us with information in these areas that we use to construct a personal map.  When completed you have a great deal more clarity of your situation which allows for strategic financial planning, including estate planning. 

The Advanced Plan

After the Discovery Process is the Advanced Plan. 

The advanced plan is a step beyond the basic investment plan.  It focuses on wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving.  Consider it a STRESS TEST of what you are currently doing to see if your current planning is effective.  Most business owners will have/need an advanced plan because their situation will almost certainly be more complicated than a non-business owner.

The Value Acceleration Process

The Value acceleration process is used for both your Personal and Business Goals.  This video explains why our founder and President enjoys this aspect of business planning.  The Discovery process for this is a comprehensive examination of both your personal and business situation to create a plan that will enable you to grow and preserve their legacy.  We identify ways to reach your goals by increasing business value and family wealth.

The Value Builder Questionnaire

The 13 Minute Value Builder Score questionnaire allows us to assess your company’s value (within a range), identify areas of improvement, uncover red flags, and set the stage for a full engagement with us. The deliverable from the questionnaire is the assessment. 

The Value Builder score is further divided down into scores for each of the 8 key value builder drivers so you, the owner can see how you stack up relative to the industry average score.  This also helps identify stronger and weaker areas of the business.

The 8 Key Drivers of Company Value

For some short videos that explain each of the 8 key drivers of company value click below.

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