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Achieving Financial Freedom: Knowledge is Power

Our parents are constantly working to make us better by imparting their wisdom on us for their entire lifetime.  You have a parent (or two) that wants you to be very successful. 

So why this message?  Your mother or father, or both, are clients of Cornerstone Financial Group and we thought you'd benefit from the same wealth of information they have been provided with over the years.  It’s an opportunity to become empowered with more control of your financial future. Starting later this spring, we’re excited to host a series of 30-minute lunch-time webinars.

 Our webinar series:  Achieving Financial Freedom: Knowledge is Power

These lunch time webinars will deliver financial education and thought-provoking ideas that, when implemented proactively can potentially mean many thousands, if not millions, more by the time you retire. Topics covered will highlight today’s technology in financial planning.  Some planned topics include:

  • Balancing debt and savings – what are the right amounts?  Scheduled 5/04/21 - REGISTER TODAY
  • Effective insurance strategies - how to spend less and get more
  • Proactive financial planning - the long game
  • Losing money isn't always the biggest investment risk
  • Legal tax avoidance - try it, you'll like it!

If you can’t attend the live webinar, we’ve got you covered…simply watch later on our YouTube channel.

In the 35+ years since I founded the company, I’ve learned many keys to success that we’ll share with you.  I can guarantee that success is not determined by income – I’ve seen wealthy folks end up poor and poor people end up wealthy.  It’s also not determined by intelligence or education – I’ve seen millionaires who never finished high school and the well-educated who retired totally dependent on Social Security (a frightening thought when you realize our county is $28 trillion in debt – that’s $484,000+ per citizen!).  No, success is determined by determination…the determination to understand the keys people have used for generations to grow, keep and pass on their wealth.  Those keys are what you can look forward to learning in this webinar series.

We think these educational webinars will have something for everyone. If you enjoy the webinars, feel free to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.  (Or you can call us, of course ­čśŐ.) We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming series – watch your inbox for more details!

Best wishes for a great 2021!

Michael E. Moffitt, ChFC, CEPA

President -Cornerstone Financial Group

Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and Registered Representative of Silver Oak Securities